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    As a Stigma Brand Ambassador, you will play an important role in joining us in the movement to end cannabis stigma. We're looking for individuals who are passionate about sharing their own experience using cannabis in supporting their fitness and wellness journey. People who truly understand how cannabis can be used to lead a healthier and more active life. A quick vape hit before a long run, CBD balm to sooth sore muscles, or an edible to get the body relaxed and rested. Brand Ambassadors are advocates of cannabis and wellness, and are responsible for helping educate and inspire others. 


    Ambassador Goals

    • Educate
    • Raise Awareness
    • Build Community
    • Break the Stigma


    Ambassador Perks

    • Join the movement! You’ll have an opportunity to become more engaged in the cannabis wellness movement and our mission to end cannabis stigma. 

    • Connect with the Community You’ll have free or discounted access to local cannabis and wellness events hosted by Stigma and our partners. You’ll also have your own bio and photo on our website so that other members can learn about you. 

    • Discounts
      • 40% OFF 1st personal order, 25% all future personal orders for life
      • 20% for Friends & Family using a unique discount code that you can share with others
      • Quarterly giveaway of a $100 Stigma gift card to the most active Brand Ambassador (based on social media engagement, F&F code usage, ex.)
    • Learn & Educate You’ll have FREE access to monthly educational emails that discuss a wide range of topics focused on cannabis and fitness


    Ambassador Responsibilities 


    • We believe in a culture of open communication and honest feedback. Your feedback, both positive and constructive, will be critical in our brands ability to grow and improve.
    • You’ll be the first to try new products and provide detailed feedback within 10 days of receiving your Ambassador Package. 

    Social Media 

    • When you receive your Ambassador Package, post an image on Instagram of you in your new gear and tag @stigma.activewear with your personalized promo code. Your followers can use this code to receive 20% off their entire first order.
    • Show your new gear in action on your Instagram story.
    • Social media posts with Stigma should include the following tags: #stigma #aimhigher @stigma.activewear.
    • You can post as often as you like and across various social platforms like Facebook and Twitter. We encourage 1-2 posts and 3-4 stories per month on Instagram. 
    • Story Takeovers - You may be asked to take over the Stigma Story on Instagram for the day. Here you will have an opportunity to share your personal story on cannabis, fitness, and overall wellness with our followers. 


    • Actively promote Stigma to friends, colleagues, family, etc. while working out, at the gym, industry events, leisure events. 
    • You will have the option to host or participate in Stigma sponsored events within your local community. These events can range from small meet ups such as outdoor hikes to larger cannabis wellness events. Your level of involvement with these events is voluntary and based on how involved you want to be. 


    • Be willing to share your own story around how cannabis has positively impacted your life. 
    • Make personal recommendations to others based on your experiences - i.e. specific products like CBD creams or how you consume THC or CBD before, during, or after activities. 
    • Maintain strong knowledge on both cannabis and fitness. Understand more complex aspects of cannabis such as the endocannabinoid system and how they support overall health. Educational resources will be provided.


    Are your ready?

    Okay, we know that was a lot, but we want to clearly outline what we expect from our Ambassadors and what you can expect from us. We want to make sure you're able to make the commitment as we embark on a journey together to help educate others around cannabis and wellness. If you are ready to join the movement and become a Stigma Brand Ambassador, complete the application form below.