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    Thank you for your interest in Stigma! Here you can find resources to support you in learning more about our brand. This kit includes assets such as our logo and images that may help communicate our brand story. For additional information, requests or inquiries, please contact anthony@shopstigma.com.

    About Stigma®
    Stigma is a California-based cannabis health and wellness lifestyle brand. The company creates activewear and CBD sports products dedicated to the athletic market. Focusing on the growing number of people from all around the world who are using cannabis for their overall health and wellness. The company works to shatter the "lazy stoner" stereotype by showcasing active, productive, and successful members of the cannabis community.  Their team of global Brand Ambassadors work to educate others, share personal stories, and help redefine cannabis. Learn more about the movement at www.shopstigma.com.

    Our Story

    Stigma was founded by Anthony Gonzales after he discovered the significant health benefits cannabis could play in his life. In 2016, Anthony was overweight and suffering from a variety of stomach issues that were becoming progressively debilitating. At the time, he was working long hours in a high-stress role. His doctors prescribed him a variety of medication to help relieve inflammation and pain, but nothing seemed to work. It wasn’t until Anthony started to do research on the full benefits of the cannabis plant that he discovered CBD. The commonly unknown compound had a major impact on his condition and road to recovery. Anthony started using cannabis to support his fitness routine and found it made a huge difference. The gym and working out overall became fun again as he played around with different sativa strains prior to his workouts.


    Having such an impactful experience with cannabis, Anthony knew that this was the industry that he wanted to devote his life to support. He took the leap of faith, left his role at Apple, and started on building the Stigma brand. Anthony partnered with his sister Nicole Gonzales to help bring the vision to life. They worked together to understand and overcome the complexity of apparel manufacturing and the cannabis market overall. Nicole played a significant part in shaping the look and style of Stigmas apparel line. She is also responsible for many of the photos you see on the companies social media page. 


    Together, Nicole and Anthony are building a growing community of like-minded individuals from all around the world with one common mission - to help end cannabis stigma. Sharing stories, educating others, and raising awareness around how cannabis can be incorporated into a healthy and active lifestyle.



    Our Logo
    Below is our logos offered in a variety of options (.jpg, .pdf, .png, .ai). If you have any questions regarding usage, please contact us.

    Product Images
    Below are high-resolution photos for download. Images may be used for editorial use only. Please contact us if you have other photo needs or have any questions regarding image use.