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    Welcome to our invite-only referral program for fitness influencers. Thanks for taking a moment to learn more about our brand and how you can join us in the legal cannabis movement. 
    Step 1: Try Recover
    We’ll ship you a FREE bottle of Recover to try out. We believe you should only represent products you absolutely believe in and we’re confident in Recovers benefits. Try the product out and tell us what you think. If you love it, start sharing it on social media and with others. 
    Step 2: Share Code
    We’ll provide you with a unique referral code and link that you can give out to your followers for a discount on their 1st purchase of Recover. You’ll earn $10 for every bottle of Recover purchased using your referral code or link.
    Step 3: Earn $
    We payout all commission once a month via PayPal (if you don’t have one yet, you can sign up here for free). We have no minimum payout threshold and no reserves. You'll have your own dashboard to track commission rewards, see link/code conversions, and payment history.
    CBD in Sports
    Today, more athletes than ever are discovering how CBD can benefit their overall health and wellness. A few vape hits before a long run or a topical to soothe sore muscles. CBD provides strong anti-inflammatory benefits without the traditional high people are familiar with. Discover more about CBD at Project CBD
    Here are just 4 health benefits of CBD oil that are backed by scientific evidence.
    Relieve Pain
    ● Reduce Anxiety and Depression
    ● Neuroprotective Properties
     Could Benefit Heart Health
     Discover more by watching a short video on the Endocannabinoid system.


    We designed our 1st CBD product specifically for athletes who demand the very best. Recover Muscle Cooling Gel is a fast-acting topical that helps soothe sore and tired muscles. A cooling sensation is created by menthol and warming capsicum and camphor oil. Our Stigma® Nano CBD combines the best of nature and science in a powerful THC-free formulation. Learn more about Recover on our website

    100% U.S. Grown Hemp 

    ● Non-Greasy, Rapid Absorption

    ● Nano-Encapsulated Hemp Oil

    The human body is made mostly of water and doesn’t absorb standard oil-based hemp extracts very well. That’s why we engineered  Stigma® Nano CBD by creating nano-sized molecules and then encapsulating them to achieve optimal transdermal delivery. Learn more about Nano CBD on Well and Good
    About Us
    Stigma® is a California-based cannabis health and wellness lifestyle brand. The company creates activewear and CBD sports products dedicated to the athletic market. Focusing on the growing number of people from all around the world who are using cannabis for their overall health and wellness. The company works to shatter the "lazy stoner" stereotype by showcasing active, productive, and successful members of the community.
    Ready to join? Let us know and we'll discuss the next steps with you.